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The IDTA Greek Area consists of dance teachers certified by the IDTA (International Dance Teacher's Association).

Members become automatically all who are successful in their professional examinations under the care and supervision of the IDTA.


The IDTA Greek Area was created in order to:

  • establish a better communication between the members and the Head Office of IDTA in Great Britain
  • organise for the members free dance competitions and seminars
  • conduct better examinations, giving members nationwide the opportunity to participate regardless of the number of students

Members Rules

A dance teacher must behave with integrity and objectivity in professional and business level and must not accept to work on something that he/she is not qualified to.
In general the dance teacher must:

  • Maintain and reenforce the good level and reputation of the profession.
  • Cooperate with other professionals and dance schools.
  • Respect every student's uniqueness.

The actions described bellow must be avoided because they oppose to the IDTA rules. If the Board of Directors in the UK decides that someone should not be a member anymore, then a recall of his membership (and therefore the membership of the IDTA Greek Area) may be asked with a letter describing the reasons why.
If a members acts as bellow, he/she will suffer penalties:

  • Teach or publish dance material of the British Counsil of Dance earlier than the official publication.
  • Advertises himself/herself as a representative or examiner of the IDTA without being addressed as such by the IDTA.
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